Centre for Analysis of Functional Materials

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Ján Lančok
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The Laboratory SAFMAT focuses interdisciplinary research on the crossroads between physics, materials science, engineering and medicine. The  Laboratory was established through infrastructure investment of ASCR (building) and two small scale structural fund projects - SAFMAT and FUNBIO. 

The laboratory posses a suite of unique experimental equipment  for characterisation of material surfaces and thin films (see below) as well as technologies for thin films and material coatings  The characterisation equipment is operated in user access regime for internal as well as external users by experienced staff.

Research of the laboratory covers particularly advanced functional materials for optics, engineering and power engineering, materials for medical devices, biomaterials and applications of physical methods in medicine. 

SAFMAT offers R&D services to academic research community as well as to the industry (see below). These research services cover characterisations and analyses of materials in various application relevant environments using the unique experimental equipment and methods, applications of smart materials, composites and coatings having special functionalities in innovative industrial products  as e.g. shape memory alloys, multiferroics, functional surfaces/coatings for application in medical devices and implants, 2D materials, magnetic and feroellectric materials and materials for scintilators.

Safmat services offered to the industry are facilitated by the Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer of the FZU.