World Facilities

This page provides links to selected worldwide Research Infrastructures offering acces to their facilities for external users.

X-ray synchrotron facilities / LIGHTSOURCES

Further Links: Synchrotron science, Rietveld method softwareData analysis, Crystalographic software, J. of Synchrotron radiation, Material diffraction MAUD,

Neutron facilities / NEUTRONSOURCES

Further Links: Software, Tables, NMI3, J. of Neutron Research, SNI-portal

Particle accelerator facilities / PARTICLE ACCELERATORS

Further Links:, IHEP CAS facilities

Space, Astronomy and Astrophysics Facilities /

Further Links: Astroparticle physics experiments and telescopes, Project Gloria, Astronet, Harward-Smithonian Center for Astrophysics, Associated Universities, From Earth to the Universe,, Virtual Observatory, sky of this month, Institute of Astronomy Hawai,

Free Electron Laser Facilities / FELs

Further Links: Center for Free-Electron Laser Science, Frontiers of free-electron laser science, XFELs overview , XFEL physics, FEL as a weapon

Laser Facilities / Lasers 

Further Links:, Nuclear Fusion 500 Terawatt Laser at NIF, LaserFocusWorld

High Magnetic Field Facilities  / List of magnets

High Pressure Facilities  / List of resources

Material Characterisation and Testing Facilities



MatWeb  Database of Material properties

Policy on European Large Scale Research Infrastructures