1.4.1. Scanning Probe Microscope NT-MDT NTEGRA Prima

NT-NTEGRA Prima is a high-resolution, low-noise scanning probe microscope allowing vizualization of surface structures on a scale up to 100 microns x 100 microns.

Contact: Ladislav Fekete / 266052746 /
1.4.2. AFM microscope Dimension 3100

Atomic force microscope with position control and advanced regimes for correlated measurements of high-resolution nanoscale morphology, phase, (opto) electronic properties, and electronic transport.

Contact: Antonin Fejfar / 220 318 501 /
1.4.3. Raman-AFM microspectrometer Renishaw InVia

Raman micro-spectrometer including UV, blue and NIR lasers and combined with AFM system including all advanced regimes ((photo)current, Kelvin probe, phase, force curves, etc.).

Contact: Antonin Fejfar / 220 318 501 /
1.4.4. AFM Bruker Dimension ICON

AFM Dimension Icon microscope performs all major SPM imaging techniques including ScanAsyst,Contact Mode, Tapping Mode, PeakForce Tapping, TappingMode & PhaseImaging, PeakForce QNM, LiftMode, MFM, Force spectroscopy, Piezoresponce microscopy, Kelvin Probe etc. The instruments provides sample heating and temperature control from -35°C to 250 °C for samples in air or in other inert gasses. The measurements could be performed in air, controlable atmosphere or liquids. The electrochemistry accessory is also available.

Contact: Ladislav Fekete / 266052430 /