1.5.1. Spectrophotometer Horiba

Horiba high resolution spectrophotometer with resolution down to 15 pm, escpecially for emission measurement at cryogenic temperatures. Two photomultiplier tubes covering 800 - 1000 nm range and 950 - 1100 nm, respectively. Closed cycle two stage cryostat is used to cool down the sample until 10 K with heater and temperature controller attached to maintain the temperture. White light source for absorption measurement. Emission measuement is done by pumping using diode pump.

Contact: Venkatesan Jambunathan / / jambunath@fzu.cz
1.5.2. AXIS Supra photoelectron spectrometer

The AXIS Supra (Kratos Analytical) photoelectron spectrometer is based on the proven Axis technology comprising magnetic and electrostatic transfer lenses, co-axial electron charge neutralization system, spherical mirror and hemispherical electron energy analysers. As the primary excitation source monochromated Al x-ray radiation is used. The electron energy analyzer provides both high energy resolution and high sensitivity spectroscopic performance. The chemical state images are collected with less than 10 µm spatial resolution. The charge neutralization system helps to compensate charge on insulation materials. Ar+ gas cluster ion source is attached to the spectrometer for sample cleaning and depth concentration profiling.

Contact: Petr Jiříček / 220318438 / jiricek@fzu.cz
1.5.3. System for optical emission spectroscopy

Jobin Yvon iHR550 Imaging Spectrometer,

  • focal length of 0.55 m,
  • gratings 1200 g/mm, 2400 g/mm and 3600 g/mm,
  • wavelength region 150 - 1500 nm,
  • ultimate resolution of 0.012 nm.

CCD camera, Symphony (2048 x 512),

  • UV-VIS, back iluminated,
  • liquid-nitrogen cooled.

Photomultiplier Hamammatsu R955,

  • wavelength region 160 - 900 nm,
  • time response 2.2 ns.
Contact: Michal Novoný / +420266052425 / novotnym@fzu.cz
1.5.4. EQP 500 HIDEN Analytical Mass Spectrometer

EQP 500 HIDEN Analytical Mass Spectrometer,

  • mass spectra range 0 - 500 amu,
  • triple filter quadrupole mass analyser,
  • ion counting detector of seven decades continuous dynamic range,
  • sub PPM detection of plasma ions, neutrals and radicals,
  • energy resolution better than 0.25 eV FWHM,
  • orifice input diameter 100 - 300 μm.
Contact: Petr Pokorný / +420266052719 / pokornyp@fzu.cz
1.5.6. Spectrometer Varian VNMRS 300 MHz

Spectrometer Varian VNMRS 300 MHz is equipped with a two channel console with pulsed field gradient (PFG) amplifier and two probes: 1H – 19F/15N – 31P 5 mm PFG Dual Broadband Probe, VT, 300NB and 1H {15N – 31P}5 mm PFG Indirect detection Probe, VT, 300NB.

Spectrometer is used for multinuclear, multidimensional NMR studies on chemical samples, especially for elucidation or confirmation of molecular structures of synthetic or natural organic compounds.

Contact: Ing. Martin Cigl / (+420)266052785 / cigl@fzu.cz
1.5.7. IR VASE Ellipsometer

Ellipsometry is a non-destructive method for analyzing optical constants of bulk materials and thin films. In the case of thin layers, it can determine the thickness of the layer in a wide range from nanometer to micrometer thicknesses with an accuracy of units of Angstrom. Variable angle IR-VASE ellipsometer Woollam operated in the infrared and far infrared range of the spectrum covering the wavelengths from 1,7 to 30 μm. 

Contact: Jiří Bulíř / 266052425 / bulir@fzu.cz
1.5.7. Spectrophotometer Perkin Elmer, Lambda 1050

UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometer Lambda 1050 is measuring in the spectral range 175-3300 nm. The instrument is equipped with 3 detector system (photomultiplayer, InGaAs, PbS) for ideal sensitivity in the all spectral range. The meassurements of reflectance and transmitance of solid and liquid samples are allowed. The optical cryostate Optistad could be installed in the sample compartment of the spectrophotometr. It allows meassurement from RT down to 4K.

Contact: Jiří Bulíř / 266052425 / bulir@fzu.cz
1.5.8. AAS spectrometer Varian AA240

Chemical analysis of inorganic materials, determination of main components and impurities in metals and alloys using atomic absorption spectroscopy. Analysis of metallomesogens.

Contact: Ing. Zuzana Málková / (+420)266052781 / analytik@fzu.cz
1.5.8. UV-Visible Spectrometer Shimadzu UV – 1601

UV-Visible Spectrometer Shimadzu UV – 1601 for measurements of absorption spectra of solutions and thin sheets materials.

Contact: prom. fyz. Pavel Boháček / (+420)266052168 / bohacekp@fzu.cz
1.5.9. Optical emission spectrometer TRIAX 550

Optical emission spectrometer TRIAX 550:

Spectrograph TRIAX 550 Jobin Yvon with three gratings turret (3600 g/mm, 1200 g/mm, 300 g/mm) equipped with back illuminated CCD detector and fast photomultiplier detecting system with nanosecond resolution.

Contact: Ing. Alexander KROMKA, PhD / 220318437 / kromka@fzu.cz
1.5.9. Fast Fourier Transform Infra-Red spectrometer FTIR Nicolet-Nexus 870

Fast Fourier Transform Infra-Red spectrometer FTIR Nicolet-Nexus 870:

Fast Fourier Transform Infra-Red spectrometer (FTIR Nicolet-Nexus 870) equipped with variable angle reflectance and gateway ATR 6 Reflectance accessories.

Contact: Mgr. Halyna Kozak, Ph.D. / 220 318 482 / kozak@fzu.cz
1.5.10. Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometer (GD – OES)

Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometer (GD – OES)

Sensitive spectrometer for determination of chemical composition of layers and coatings. The spectrometer is equipped with DC excitation source for conductive samples and RF pulse source for the analysis of non-conductive materials and thin films. Calibrations for iron-, aluminum-, titanium- and magnesium-alloys.

Spectral lines:

PMT channels: Al, Au, B, C, Ca, Cl, Cr, Cu, Fe, Ga, Gd, H, Mg, Mn, Mo, N, Nd, Ni, O, P, Pd, Pt, S, Sc, Si, Sn, Ta, Ti, V, W, Y, Zn, Zr

CCD Optic: Pb, Nb, Ag, Co, Pr, Sr, Tb, Eu, Ce, Na, Li, F, K

Contact: Mgr. Terézia Vojtylová / (+420)266052781 / vojtyl@fzu.cz
1.5.10. UV-Visible Spectrometer Shimadzu UV – 2600

UV-Visible Spectrometer Shimadzu UV – 2600 for measurements of absorption spectra of solutions and thin sheets materials from 185 to 900nm.

Contact: Mgr. Terézia Vojtylová / (+420)266052781 / vojtyl@fzu.cz