Research services

4.2.1. Design and testing of active NiTi elements for smart structures

We offer designing, testing, heat treating and shape setting of elements made from NiTi based shape memory alloys (wires, ribbons, springs, sheets, bars) to be used as components of smart  structures (superelastic members, thermally driven actuators,  vibration dampers) for automotive, medical device or civil engineering aplications.

Contact: Luděk Heller / 266052428 /
4.2.1. Electrochemical characterisation of surfaces and corrosion testing

Characterisation of material surfaces and corrosion testing by electrochemical methods (Open Circuit Potential, Potenciostatic and Potentiodynamic polarization, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy, In situ measurements under applied stress or during mechanical loads)

Contact: J. Racek / 2361 /
4.2.1. Optical microscopy services

The Zeiss AxioImager Z1.m and Keyence VHX-1000 optical microscopes are available for the service. Particular requests shall be discussed with operators in advance

Contact: J. Kopeček / 2899 /
4.2.1. Scanning electron microscopy services

Services using Tescan FERA 3  electron microscope

Both secondary electrons and back-scattered electrons detectors can be used with nominal resolution 2 nm at least. Non-conductive or poorly conductive samples can be observed by beam deceleration mode or low-vacuum microscopy working at nitrogen atmosphere with the pressure up to 500 Pa and resolution i3,5 nm. Particular requests shall be discussed with operators in advance

Contact: J. Kopeček / 2899 /
4.2.1. 3D microstructure and microtexture characterisation

Microstructure and microtexture characterisation of bulk materials by the application of FIB sectioning method with electron back-scattered diffraction method using EDAC Digiview V analyzer on Tescan FERA 3 SEM can be used to map the crystal lattice orientation and evaluate consequent quantities (texture, grain size, grain boundary characteristics etc.). The metallographically polished surface or other fresh crystalline surface (deposited layers) is requested. Limited amount of samples can be prepared in the metalography laboratory.

Contact: J. Kopeček / 2899 /
4.2.1. Analysis of chemical composition

Analysis of chemical composition using the energy-dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) analyzer on Tescan FERA 3 SEM can be made in semi-quantitative mode. Samples with polished surfaces are required. Limited sample preparation can be made in the laboratory. particular requests shall be discussed with operators in advance.


Contact: J. Kopeček / 2899 /